Pre-employment background checks preventing you from getting hired and qualifying for unemployment

Pre-employment background checks preventing you from getting hired and qualifying for unemployment

pre employment background check preventing hiring
Employment background checks have become increasingly regular these days. The reasons for this include the fact that negligence hiring lawsuits that result from the actions of an errant employee can damage a company’s credibility and lead to hefty fines.

Employment background record reviews are becoming increasingly common currently. The reasons for this include the fact negligent employment lawsuits that derive from the actions of the errant employee can harm a company’s standing and bring about hefty fines.  Employers have begun to become more restrictive with their choice of employees adopting the threat of criminal pursuits. Accepting some sort of resume at face value importance has led to many businesses losing time and money caused by frequent hire-and-fire scenarios. Also, many employers are now conducting employee background record checks as information from vast social databases around the globe are easily accessible online. Employers will not be required to be able to conduct an employment background check in all cases. However, federal and also state laws and requirements make employment background record checks required for intended for jobs that require interacting with children, and the elderly.


Information which can be found within an employment background check includes driving history, details of prior employers, criminal records, military records, educational history, character recommendations, and drug test results. However, background check companies that provide data to employers are required to abide to the Fair Credit reporting Act (FCRA) which regulates the type and quantity of data an external agency can provide to a prospective employer. Bankruptcies that are more than a decade old and also civil lawsuits and files of arrest in excess of seven years old cannot be reported to the employer. FCRA rules vary requiring the state and also agencies that carry out a pre-employment background check must make sure that they abide to the legal regulations.


Employment background record checks can be produced by companies in-house or might be outsourced to be able to third parties which will include non-public investigators. Human Resources businesses that screen applicants and information brokers who definitely are established on the net could provide a majority of the background checks. Outsourcing an employment background checks has its advantages but if a third-party will be conducting some sort of background check, consent from your employee applicant is needed and within FCRA rules the employee should be provided a copy on the investigations. In the event the employment background check will be investigated in-house, the employer is not bound to reveal the applicant’s status or notify him in detail of the real reason for rejecting the application.


Now with this all said it can have drastic consequences for unemployment. I have personally seen many claimants who have had an unwelcomed criminal past that has been put behind them prevent them from future employment. Employees can continue to be punished by not being hired due to past mistakes. If this has happened to you contact us right away and let us handle this type of case for you.

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