Constructive (creative) Discharge to fire you

Constructive (creative) Discharge to fire you

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A constructive discharge is a situation that an employer creates which becomes unbearable to the employee forcing them to quit or being creative and causing the employee to have “errors” and receive a succession of warnings in a short period of time in order to fire them. This is an employer becoming creative and looking for any way to get rid of an employee. This is the type of case where the employee will normally feel something just is not right and notices supervisors or management beginning to treat them differently. Many times results in the legal definition of discrimination. Employers cannot commit the perfect crime and employment investigators such as the EEOC or unemployment judges can find cracks in their case and discover the truth.

The best thing to do in these cases once you being to notice something just doesn’t feel right is to start taking notes regarding everything that occurs. Also if there is a much higher supervisor have a meeting with them and take notes during it writing down exactly what was said. The more information you have if you are forced to quit or are fired makes the case against the employer much stronger. Also you will have more legal rights regarding discrimination from being retaliated against.

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