Fired for an innapropriate Halloween costume

Fired for an innapropriate Halloween costume

While this is clearly highly inappropriate for something to wear to work even though she is exercising her freedom of speech I personally do not believe she should have been discharged. Most states are considered an “at will” employer, meaning you can be discharged for any reason at any time by the employer and you do not have any legal recourse unless you were discriminated against. In this case the employer should have written her up and suspended her with the understanding if she received any additional warnings she could be discharged. Being discharged for a first time incident is very drastic and typically not warranted unless the employer was seriously affected. Do you think she should have been discharged? What do you think the employer should have done in this case?

It was the Halloween costume seen ‘round the world: A Michigan woman named Alicia Ann Lynch recently dressed as a victim of April’s Boston marathon bombing, sporting runner’s clothing, fake bruises, and splattered blood. And as a result, ignited the rage of the Internet.

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