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Telephone Consultations
This is the service to select if you want to discuss your case and receive an upfront assessment of your overall position. A consultant will answer your questions and point you in the right direction. We will utilize our substantial knowledge to resolve problems in your case so that you have the best chance at winning. Whether you want to discuss your response or prepare for your unemployment hearing, you will feel more confident after a consultation with us.
Hearing Representation
At, we utilize representatives with a proven track record of success. We understand that success means more than just winning at hearing; it also means connecting with you, and providing you with information to increase your overall understanding of the process. Unlike some companies who will take your money and leave you uneducated, we take pride in explaining “why” things are done the way they are.
Commission Appeal
If you lost your unemployment hearing, you still have other options. You may still be able to win your case and come out victorious. Our consultants are highly experienced in all aspects of case presentation, including drafting commission appeals. Many times, there is evidence that should have been presented during the unemployment hearing or witnesses that were not allowed to testify. In addition, the hearing judge may simply be wrong. Regardless of the situation, we can help.
The Book
Currently in progress. This will be a one stop solution to those who wish to represent themselves or aid your business in succeeding in a hearing.
Request a Training Seminar
Training workshops are available to management personnel at your place of business and at your convenience. Our training seminars are conducted via webcam. Training sessions can be repeated as often as needed. In addition to critical issues in Unemployment Appeals, managers are trained on being proactive in avoiding costly unemployment claims. If you would like training, please email us.
Ask a Question
If you have a general question that you would like answered, please use the form below. You may also contact us via email.

If you want a consultation right away you can arrange it here. We offer a 30 minute telephone consultation which includes a written case summary for your hearing. It includes set by step information unique to yor case on how to represent yourself. It also includes any appeals you may need to file. If you want full representation for your hearing please contact us first. To purchase a consultation please click below.

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$60 Unemployment Consultation

$60 Unemployment Consultation


All purchased services include FREE written appeals at the initial level or post hearing appeals. We also include a custom case summary with an outline of your case. If you ever needed ur services in the future you will also be given a nice discount.