Ultimate guide to job interviews

This is a short video highlighting a product we recomend to nail job interviews and land the job you want.

If you are looking for a job, the single most important thing you can do has nothing to do with your job resume or your job skills. Rather, it has everything to do with preparing for a job interview. You need, beyond a reasonable doubt, to communicate with people about what you have to offer and to do that, you need to be able to react to the hiring manager’s questions. There are five job interview skills that can help you with this.#1 – Use Positive Body Language.Be sure to keep those shoulders back and to speak in a positive, uplifting voice during your job interview. The hiring manager wants to see good, positive body language from you from the moment he or she meets you to the moment you walk out the door.#2 – Maintain Good Eye Contact.A good sign that you are hiring something is when you cannot maintain eye contact. As interview skill goes, you need to maintain good eye contact throughout the process. That means looking the person in the eyes and smiling, too.#3 – Show Off Enthusiasm.No one expects you to be bouncing off the walls during the job interview, but you should seem excited.

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