Unemployment Benefits Myths

Unemployment Benefits Myths

unemployment benefits myths
I kept hearing some of the same things over and over in my hearings that people believed were true about losing their job. These are some of the top myths I have heard from people.

Myth-You Can’t get benefits if you were quit, fired, or for “just cause” only if you were “laid off”.
Answer-There is no such thing for any of those terms in unemployment. Unemployment is simply if you quit or were discharged. A discharge is based on whether it was for misconduct or not. The definition of what is misconduct is determined by the state.

Myth-The employer decides if you get unemployment or not.
Answer– It does not matter if the employer told you they are not challenging your unemployment. Your qualification of unemployment is determined by the state.

Myth– Quitting a job looks better on your permanent work record
Answer– There is no such thing as a permanent work record that employers have access to. Employers only know what you put on your resume or tell them.

Myth– If I receive any type of severance pay, vacation pay, I cannot qualify for benefits.
Answer– This has nothing to do with unemployment and does not affect whether you qualify or not.
Myth– If I am working at all I can’t qualify for benefits.
Answer– As long as you are working less than full time, and earning less than your weekly benefit amount, which is determined by the state, you can qualify for partial benefits. This is based on a week by week basis, a hearing would most likely be held to determine all of this information.

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